September 19, 2015: Jim Florentine and Asylum Suite

jim_florentine_posterThis was an incredible event…the Kingsport Renaissance Center hasn’t rocked like that since…well, ever! First there was the pre-party at Sleepy Owl Brewery hosted by PA John and PA Jill from ┬áThen we had a sold-out theater and the first hour Asylum Suite destroyed with a set of classic metal in honor of Mr Florentine. Given that the breakers kept tripping during rehearsal (we split up the power between several circuits, finally) the ancient wiring in the Auditorium held up and made Kingsport proud!

Jim came out to a standing O and killed for an hour and 15 minutes, 25 minutes longer than he planned; he said later the crowd was so great he didn’t want to leave the stage.

Approximately a third of the crowd stayed for the “meet and greet” which went on for over an hour, with autographs, photos, and merchandise galore. The after-party at Uncorked was well attended and didn’t close down until they threw us out at midnight. 6 1/2 hours of solid entertainment for $20!

We just heard that Robert Kelly has committed to be our next act; we’re going to avoid the winter months to prevent having to cancel shows due to snow. Don’t despair, though, we’re planning on a “Last Comic Standing”-type competition to find a local comedian to do a 15 minute set and host the Robert Kelly show. Stay tuned!